Bits of Vintage is a lifestyle that carries pieces of the past into the present and makes them new again. We focus on those treasures passed down from one hand to another and appreciate those details that speak of days gone by. It's the patina, chippy-ness, and details that encourage you to lean in closer that stimulate our senses. We play off one-of-a-kind pieces that fit into your lifestyle and exemplify the beautiful life you already live!


We are a company full of friends who love hunting for special bits and pieces. We honestly find so much joy in finding specialty pieces with tons of character that we know will bring a smile to you, our new best friends. We truly believe that you, your home, and your style, should all mimic each other and be filled with the people and things that you love the most. That is why we go above and beyond creating a lifestyle brand that brings you everything you need to build that atmosphere. Our passion for bringing a bit of vintage quality to our spaces has inspired us to search to the ends of the earth for charming industrial, farmers market, general store, found pieces, and handcrafted pieces that will make your home and life charmingly full of personality that is entirely you!


Our purpose is inspired by our love for making old new again. We adore the looks of reproduction pieces and our finds are exactly that. Offering you quality pieces that fit into your daily lives at a price you can fall head over heels for is what we aspire for! It’s the stories behind each piece that move us and offer a feeling like they’ve been in your home for ages that make our hearts flutter with excitement.


Bits of vintage have been surrounding our lives for so long, whether it’s your great grandmas jewelry box, or your grandfather’s old pocket watch, we all have memories of antique beauty. Bits of Vintage echoes exactly who we are in all aspects of our lives and we wanted to share that with you! We invite you to feel welcome and at home with us and to let the confident beautiful you come through in everything you do.

The Bits of Vintage Family